Abbott & Ashby

Proudly Australian Owned Abbott & Ashby are leaders in bench grinders and buffing machines. Abbott & Ashby offer a broad range of accessories that when used with PA Multitool Add-Ons really maximise the use of your bench grinder. Whether for industrial or domestic use, the accessory products make the job faster, easier and help achieve the required quality finish.

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Abbott & Ashby ATBG280/6 - 240V 280W 150mm Bench Grinder

Abbott & Ashby ATBG280/6 - 240V  280W 150mm Bench Grinder Features: Sealed for Lif..


Abbott & Ashby ATBG600/8 - 240V 3/4HP 200mm Bench Grinder

Abbott & Ashby ATBG600/8 - 3/4HP 200mm Bench Grinder Features: Full cast iron body a..


Abbott & Ashby PO362PLUS8 - 240V 600W 200mm Industrial Bench Grinder 510901

Abbott & Ashby PO362PLUS8 - 240V 600W 200mm 8" Industrial Bench Grinder 510901 Features: ..