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Makita DTD172RGX2 - 18V Brushless 4-Stage Impact Driver Kit

Makita DTD172RGX2 - 18V Brushless 4-Stage Impact Driver Kit


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4 key components make up our LXT Advantage, providing you with the most advanced, dependable 18V tools on the market. Our fast-charging batteries, rapid optimum chargers, industry-leading brushless motors and our STAR Protection computer controls make each and every one of the world's largest 18V range of tools the best option for the job, no question.

Makita has a tradition of innovation in the cordless impact driver category, and the 18V LXT Brushless 4-Speed Impact Driver (DTD172) sets new standards. The DTD172 offers users four speeds, as well as Makita’s exclusive application modes for increased fastening control. The unique application models use the brushless motor’s electronic controls to find the best balance of speed and torque for each application for more efficient fastening. Another precision setting is Tightening Mode (T-mode), which downshifts and reduces rotation and impact speed prior to driving the screw into place and is engineered to minimize screw thread stripping, screw breakage and damage to work. The DTD172 delivers industry-leading performance in a compact and ergonomic design.
Added features include the one-touch 4-speed power selector button under the chuck, which enables one-handed speed changes, and reverse rotation auto-stop mode which stops rotation and impact when the fastener is loosened adequately to help prevent over-loosening and dropped fasteners.

Makita DTD172Z - 18V Cordless Brushless 4 Stage Impact Driver Skin


  • Slim Tool Body with a re-designed head that is slimmer than the previous  model enabling the tool to have greater access to tight corners or confined spaces
  • One Touch Bit Installation has been designed to prevent the bit from unexpectedly falling off. A more effective mechanism has been  designed to increase the strength of the chuck without increasing the resistance  required to install a bit
  • Enhanced Anvil Holder; material change from needle bearing to ball bearing provides reduction of bit wobbling. Providing more stability and control when  fastening
  • Quick Change Selector; The touch mode selector located above the trigger allows the user to jump between modes single-handedly. Quickly changing between  modes improves efficiency as you no longer have to take your hand off the tool
  • Light Mode enables the tool to be used as a torch in dark environments. To turn the light on set the F/R change lever to the neutral position and pull the switch trigger. To turn off the light pull the trigger again
  • 4 Optimised Application Modes; T-mode 1 and 2 for self-drilling screws in both thick and thin sheet metal. Wood mode for fastening long wood screws. Bolt mode with rotation auto stop for tightening/loosening bolts
  • 4-Speed Power Selection allows the user to adjust the  power, speed and impact rate to suit the fastening application


  • Voltage: 18V
  • Drive shank: 6.35mm (1/4") Hex
  • Max tightening torque:
    • Max: 180Nm
    • Hard: 170Nm
    • Med: 50Nm
    • Soft: 20Nm
  • No load speed:
  • Max: 0 - 3600rpm
  • Hard: 0 - 3200rpm
  • Med: 0 - 2100rpm
  • Soft: 0 - 1100rpm
  • Impact rate:
  • Max: 0 - 3800ipm
  • Hard: 0 - 3600ipm
  • Med: 0 - 2600ipm
  • Soft: 0 - 1100ipm
  • Max capacity:
  • Standard bolt: M5 - M16
  • High tensile bolt: M5 - M14
  • Length: 114mm
  • Weight: 0.9kg

Makita BL1850B-L - 18V 5.0Ah Lithium Battery with Charge Indicator


  • The fuel gauge indicator displays the charge remaining on the battery in four stages
  • Built-in memory chip communicates the usage history with the charger
  • Built-in shock absorbers protect the cells from job site conditions
  • High energy cells pack more power per cell to reduce the number of cells and overall weight
  • Large release button for easy removal from the tool
  • Built-in air vents and wall cools the battery cells evenly whilst blocking damaging debris
  • 16 contact terminals provide consistent power and firm hold in any environment


  • Cell Capacity: 5.0Ah
  • Charge Time: 45mins w/DC18RC
  • Net Weight: 630g
  • Voltage: 18V

Makita DC18RC - 18V Active 3 Li-Ion Charger 195589-2


  •  Fast charging - charges Li-Ion 3.0Ah battery in only 22 minutes
  •  Built-in CPU - gathers information from the battery's memory chip to determine the optimum charging method
  •  Forced air cooling fan - cools the battery to minimise charging time
  •  Digital power display identifies the condition of the battery and charging condition


  • Voltage: 18V
  • Cell capacity: 1.5Ah - 6.0Ah
  • Charge Time: 
    • 1.5Ah: 15mins
    • 3.0Ah: 22mins
    • 4.0Ah: 36mins
    • 5.0Ah: 45mins
    • 6.0Ah: 55mins
  • Length: 156mm
  • Weight: 0.82kg

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Makita Power Tools & Accessories are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are thoroughly inspected and tested before leaving the factory. In addition to any statutory rights and remedies you may have, Makita warrants its products sold new in Australia via an Authorised Makita Australia Dealer against defective workmanship and faulty materials from the date of purchase by the end customer for the corresponding period set out in the Classifications below (calculated in each case from the date of purchase):

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• The complete product is returned to Makita or one of its Authorised Service Agents, in person or freight pre-paid by you, and found, on examination, to be suffering from a manufacturing defect;

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Makita (Australia) Pty Ltd ACN 001 117 335.


Makita DTD172RGX2 - 18V Brushless 4-Stage Impact Driver Kit

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